Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Moms Precious Smart Pack

Moms Precious Smart pack (VALUE BUY)

The Moms Precious Smart Pack is an ideal solution for the professional working and pumping mom! This set contains:

A professional and stylish back pack design (worth RM130.00)
Moms Precious Cooler bag set (A removable cooler bag set (which comes complete with 6 Moms Precious Storage Bottles, 2 Bottle caps, 3 reusable ice packs) – worth RM128.90

FREE rain cover cum heat reflector to ensure bag is protected against rain or shine!

Set is worth RM 259.00. SAVE more than 15% when you buy this set. Truly a value buy!!
As a value added feature, we have included a FREE rain cover cum heat reflector to ensure that your bag is protected from rain or shine. The silver coloured surface reflects heat normally absorbed by any black coloured surface. So be sure to use it when you're out in the sun to ensure maximum cold retention inside the bag!

Spectra3 Breastpump

Spectra 3 Electric Breast pump

Product ExplanationSpectra 3 is almost one third the size of the Spectra 2 (no more bulky pumps to lug around) which makes it ideal for home AND office use. The advantages are: very quiet, long life span, rhythmic suction (mimics baby's sucking rhythm - very comfortable to use), adjustable suction, simple to use, dual pumping option. Accessories (breast shield, tubing) are separable so it's easy to wash and sterilize. Its light weight and compact design make it extremely portable and good to use in a small space. It can easily be converted into a double pump (you only need to get an extra breast shield and tubing which cost RM70.00.

This set contains:
Pump motor/body
1 standard size bottle with teat and bottle cap
1 conversion kit for wide neck bottles
1 Breast shield set and tubing only.


ModelSpectra 3
Suction strength (mmHg)0 ~ 270 (+/- 10%)
Suction cycle (Cycles/minute)Approx.35
Dimension (cm)16.7(L) X 13.5(W) X 9.7(H)
Dual pumping optionsYes
Suction settingsadjustable
Power sourceAc adapter
Weight(kg)Approx. 1.4kg
Warranty 6 months